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my car idles too fastHi Austin I like all of your feedback you are giving other people, but I got a question for you maybe you can shed some light. My car, it has only 235000 MILES ON IT :). I brought it Brand New in 2005 so we have put Every mile on it my wife and i I want to fix it up But lately it been acting up on me. The engine is idling too fast in the morning when I am stopped at a red light it stay up to around 1200 RPMs

Thanks Robert

Hi Robert

So only 235K miles…:) I love it, keep it up Robert you are obviously doing something right.

This might be something as simple as a vacuum leak, either in a rubber hose or connector. Pop the hood and listen and look for a vacuum hissing noise or a hose that is broken. You can also ask your mechanic to clean the throttle body and check the base idle to see if it is set to specs.

Here is a video showing you how to clean your throttle body, which you should have done every 30K miles or so for maintenance.

Depending on what kind of vehicle and year model, I would also inspect the throttle cable and or the throttle position sensor. Make sure there is nothing in the way of the cable, it’s in good shape and not binding on something or broken/damaged.

In most cases, a fast idle problem is either caused by the throttle body needing to be cleaned, or a problem with the IAC (idle air control valve) that needs to be cleaned as well with the throttle body.

Vacuum leaks, throttle position sensor issues are next in line.

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