Car Fuel Injection System When to Service and Clean?

Reader Question: My GM dealer has recommended a complete fuel system service on my 2004 automobile that has 30,000 miles.

My question to you is whether this is a necessary step or is there an additive, I can add to my fuel system to clean it.

The only thing I notice is that on occasion when I start my car it fades out.

What do you recommend?


Hey Nancy,

Cleaning the fuel intake system is a pretty common routine maintenance item. It seems more shops are “pushing” the sale of this service more than ever, but if you are experiencing a problem with slow starts, rough idle, erratic idle or dying at idle I would recommend you perform the service.

There is not an over the counter additive that will do the job it requires manual cleaning. If you were not experiencing the starting issue I would say you could pass on this service for now, but the complaint you describe will probably be corrected with the fuel cleaning service.

Using an over the counter fuel additive every other tank full or using premium grade fuel MIGHT reduce the need for the cleaning but at some point in time I would expect your vehicle to need this service as part of general maintenance.

Austin Davis

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