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car engine overheatingHi Austin, We recently purchased a Chrysler Sebring with the 2.4L, 4 cylinder engine from a private party. Test drove good, then on the way home the engine overheated. Took it to have it checked out at a Goodyear service center (overheated on the way there), they ran it for a long time, road tested it and it never overheated for them.

I picked it up, drove it home, no issues. Later that night, it wouldn’t start. While trying to start it air bubbled into the reserve reservoir. Finally next day it started, blew a lot of white smoke with a burnt paper kind of smell. Drove it around some, idles very rough, drives pretty smooth but smoke is evident.

There is moisture or steam in the smoke. Starts very rough.  All the classic symptoms of a head gasket problem except no check engine light. I have flushed the radiator, preparing to use the K&W engine block and gasket sealer. I noticed as I flushed that there is a significant amount of bubbles coming into the radiator as the car runs and tries to start, a SIGNIFICANT amount.

I am wondering if the K&W Block Sealer product will do harm to the engine if the gasket blowout is too large. Will this product go where it shouldn’t and do more damage. Should I bite the bullet and just have the gasket done right by a mechanic. Don’t really have the money, but an engine replacement would be MUCH costlier. What are your thoughts? Could that much air backing into the radiator be a different problem?

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Have you watched my engine overheating video? Do that now

Well, I am a little suspicious of an internal coolant leak here so I would recommend you go ahead and use the sealer as I describe on my site, not as the can instructs. It won’t hurt anything but if there is a restriction in the radiator it will need to be replaced as the sealer will not fix that type of problem.

Here is the link to my instructions on how to use the K&W Engine Block Sealer additive

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I already tried it and already it starts better and idles better and the engine hasn’t overheated.  I will leave it in a few weeks then flush the radiator and see what happens but so far so good.  Thanks for the advice on your site, may have saved some big cash, we shall see.  Thanks again, Lou.

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