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Cars and trucks that are used in certain crimes, particularly drug offenses, often go the property of the arresting agency. While these seized autos are occasionally used by the agency, the majority of the vehicles are sold at an auto auction.

Vehicle that have been repossessed for nonpayment are also normally sold at car auctions. Under the right circumstances, the discernment shopper can find some great deals.

Auto auctions are extremely competitive, nevertheless, it is possible to walk away paying more than the vehicle is worth. Here are a few car auction tips that can be used to help find real bargains.

It is important to do your preparation before the auction starts. Most auctions will allow the vehicles to be inspected by the public a few days before the event is held. This provides an awesome opportunity to look under the hood, kick the tires, check the undercarriage and do all the other inspections that can give the buyer an idea of the state of the vehicle.

Be sure to record the vehicle identification number (VIN) of any vehicle you are interested in purchasing. You can use this number to get a report on issues that have been reported to car insurance agencies or law enforcement departments.

It is important to know if the vehicle has been a victim of a flooded, fire damaged, rebuilt, or involved in a major accident. Armed with this knowledge, you can return and inspect the vehicle for defects that you might not look for.

This advice assumes that the vendee is savvy enough with cars to know how to inspect them properly. For most auctions, the buyer is not allowed a test drive.

Hence, if you are not positive in your ability to diagnose the status of the vehicle, consider asking an auto mechanic to tag a long with you, for a small fee of course.

It is important to have all of your due diligence complete by the time the auction begins. Know ahead of time the maximum amount you are willing to spend and stick to it. It is very easy to get wrapped up in the competitive nature of bidding and become so intent in beating the “other guy” that you lose sight of the real reason you are there–to find the best deal possible. It is not uncommon for people to leave auctions wondering why they over paid as much as they did.

Auto auctions can be a great source for car deals for those who are serious about finding bargains and do their due diligence. Those who attend the auction ad libitum might walk away paying more than if they had bought the vehicle from a new car dealer.

Buy Government Seized Cars CHEAP

Police Auto Auction Cars

Seized Cars For Sale

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