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My Car Keeps Killing My Alternator – Why is This Happening?

Reader Question Hi there,my alternator is only charging at 10v. Now this is the third alternator in 12 months that has done this. I have had them replaced with refurbished ones each time.

I changed the battery as well to a deep cycle sealed but it still keeps killing alternators.

Would the brushes cause low voltage or is that more likely the diodes? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Dwayne,

I would try using a different brand/manufacture for the alternator and see what happens. I have seen a rash of poor quality alternators before, although uncommon.

If this vehicle is 10 years old or older you might want to try adding direct cables from the battery to the alternator. We do this on older cars with similar issues to rule out the possibility of a problem in the wire harness.

Using the proper size wire, attach these wires from the alternator direct to the battery…leave the existing battery cables in place of course, these new cables just offer the current a new path with less resistance. A good alternator repair shop probably already has these patch cables made up and ready to sell you.


Austin Davis

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