Best Alarm System for my 1998 Nissan Pathfinder

Reader Question I have a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder. What kinds/types of gadgets and/or products are available to keep one from starting your ignition? I am aware of the Club (object one must place on top of the steering wheel).

Is there something else available that is less visible? I want to stop my ex-boyfriend from starting my vehicle and taking it without permission. He doesn’t want to give me my spare keys back. Thank you for your attention and assistance. I look forward to your reply

Hello there

The best thing is probably an alarm system which you can get from any aftermarket car alarm store. Look in your phone book and find one in your area. You are most interested in the ability to cut off the fuel supply or the electrical supply to the engine, more than the other additional featuers like glass breakage.

I would get one with remote controls for the door locks if you have electric door locks. That sure is a nice feature to have. Also contact your insurance agent and let them know you have added an anti theft device to your vehicle, you will probably get a small discount for doing so…if a discount is not available it is probably time to check your insurance with another carrier anyway.


Austin C. Davis

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