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Canceling SR22 Form

Reader’s Question:

What are the steps in canceling SR22 insurance?



The ways for taking off of the SR-22 financial responsibility filing from the vehicle insurance plan can vary greatly a little among states, however generally what you should do is easy.

Firstly you must get hold of your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to make sure that your three-year requirement of holding the SR-22 has ended. You may skip this step in case you have already obtained a notice from the DMV, or state, stating that your SR-22 will no longer be needed.

With confirmation that the required SR-22 is fulfilled with the state, you may speak to your auto insurance provider and let them know. Your insurance provider may need proof that the SR-22 will no longer be needed, for instance a notice letter from your state.

Your car insurance company can file the correct paperwork with the DMV to show that you are getting rid of your SR-22 filing from your car insurance plan.

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