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Canceling Car Insurance

Reader’s Question:

Can I cancel my car insurance if I just had it for 60 days? I found a cheaper car insurance somewhere.



Most likely you’ll be able to terminate your present auto insurance policy, even though you have only a month, so long as you can supply proof you have acquired a new policy somewhere else. However it will depend on your state’s laws.

A couple of states may enable you to terminate anytime, some states have laws set up that restrict a policy’s termination — either by the car insurance company or insurance holder — so right after its inception. Typically that is simply because of state laws needing all motorists to have insurance coverage.

Generally there are actually rules that go for the very first two months of a new vehicle insurance policy. There are actually exclusions to the guidelines, though, and typically that has a provision that a insurance holder can terminate if he’s already bought new car insurance coverage somewhere else and can present proof.

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