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Canceling Car Insurance While on Vacation

Reader’s Question:

Can I put my car insurance on hold while on vacation?



If you do not wish to pay for the auto insurance coverage while you’re away in your four-month vacation, then you’ll have to terminate it.

Auto insurance providers do not let you to place your insurance policy on hold or postpone an insurance policy for any time period. Rather, you need to terminate your insurance policy then reactivate it when you wish your insurance coverage active once again.

Terminating your car insurance could be a trouble leaving your automobile without having insurance coverage while you’re away on vacation, which can be a problem with your state. Additionally, in case your vehicle is financed, then taking insurance coverage off the automobile can be quite a big no-no.

The majority of states need you to have a minimum of the state’s minimum amount of liability insurance coverage on your automobile to keep your automobile registration valid.

If you are taking auto insurance off of your automobile, you have to turn in your registration and plates to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), otherwise you will face fees and penalties such as suspension of your driver’s license or your registration.

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