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Canceling Car Insurance From the Recently Sold Car

Reader’s Question:

I just sold my vehicle and I would like to know how to go about canceling car insurance from that car?



In the event you recently sold your vehicle, or given it to another person, you then must now be able to take off auto insurance in the car.

In order to terminate your car insurance policy, you just need to speak to your auto insurance provider. Generally you may take a vehicle off your insurance policy by either phone or going on line, it depends upon your car insurance company’s guidelines of the way they state to remove a vehicle from your insurance policy. Some car insurance companies may request the termination in writing.

Often online changes are just accessible once you go to the insurance provider website to make insurance policy changes.

Nearly all car insurance companies offer you online options to make modifications to insurance policies; but, certain insurance providers need insurance policy modifications be made on the telephone.

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