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Can I Add my Child to my Car Insurance If She Does not Live With Me?

Reader’s Question:

Can I add my kid to my car title and have her name to the car insurance even though she does not live with me anymore.



No. If your child does not stay with you anymore, then you definitely would not typically be allowed to place her on your vehicle insurance plan, even though you include her name to the vehile title.

Parents who would like to aid their kids provide them a vehicle as soon as the kid has moved out of the house; typically they will wish to keep the vehicle and kid to the parent’s insurance policy to save cash. Sadly, since the vehicle and your kid aren’t residing at the house any longer, they can’t remain on your vehicle insurance plan.

Auto insurance companies usually require that to be placed on an insurance policy that the individual lives in your home and the the vehicle being covered is left at your garage at the end of the day.

As your insurance policy is for another place, it will not cover your child at a 2nd address. The vehicle’s policy will have to be for the primary driver of the vehicle at the home address where the vehicle is stored, which means your child needs her very own insurance policy on the vehicle.

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