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Buying Car Insurance After an Accident?

Reader’s Question:

Can I buy car insurance after an automobile accident?



Yes, you can find auto insurance following a car accident however the it won’t cover damages or injuries sustained in an automobile accident which was prior to the beginning or reinstatement of the insurance policy.

If you’ve been in an automobile accident and therefore are looking to purchase an insurance plan that’ll be backdated and cover your automobile accident that isn’t likely. An insurer shouldn’t backdate an insurance policy and it’ll not cover any sort of accident which happened prior to your insurance policy was in effect. Had you been operating without having insurance coverage that leaves you personally liable for any kind of damages or injuries you caused to your own car and also to anybody else’s property.

In case you have previously been in any sort of accident and acquire auto insurance after the fact your pre-existing injury (should you have not got it fixed before you decide to acquire insurance coverage) is going to be listed and not covered in a newly purchased insurance policy.

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