I am Thinking Of Buying a Used Car But The Engine Smokes – Is it ok?

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Thinking of buying a Nissan Prairie, its running but its burning oil, smokes a little can you tell me what the problem maybe and if its easy or cheap to repair, I live in Manchester the car is in Carlisle do you think it will make it home and can you tell me in easy steps how to free its hand brake as it has seized through being stud for about a month.
Many thanks

Hello Dawn,

Please tell me you are getting a HECK of a good deal on this vehicle to go through the trouble of overhauling the engine. If it is burning oil, I would suspect at least half, the top half to be exact, of the engine will need to come off and be overhauled. Just the top half can be very expensive….are you sure it is worth it? I would guess at $1000 minimum US.

On the hand brake…I would remove the rear wheels and lubricate the hand brake cable that is attached to the rear brakes. Then I would operate the handbrake up and down as hard as I could inside the vehicle until it frees up. Really lube up those rear cables good with penetrating lubricant. I will sometimes beat on the backside of the brakes with a hammer to knock off any rust that has built up.

Austin C. Davis

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