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I Want To Buy A Car On Ebay – Is it A Lemon Or a Good Deal?

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Hello Austin ,

I would like to bid on a 1995 camaro, 3.4L. It’s well below blue book value, and 135000 miles, manual. Description says new battery, alternator, cool air intake, belt,clutch, plugs and wires, new starter, carbon filter interior accents, white face guage cluster, and an extremely clean interior. (Body also looks nice).

Ok the bad; The car starts right up and runs, but after aprox. 15 min. of run time, the engine gets hot and the car has to be turned off. They say they have no clue what it could be. He says mabey a thermostat?? Does this sound like any of the above, since this auction has a day and a half left, im just hopeing I;m getting a good deal, the current price is, 1200.00. The body and interior seems to be in great shape! What do you think?

I have wrecked two cars this year and I need a break! (Only one being my fault ever) lol.

Well, thanks for your help. Much appreciated!


Yo Brenda,

Sounds like you REALLY like this car…and you REALLY like the price, but buying a car with a known overheating problem….that they can’t figure out, is NOT a good idea. Could be a cooling fan problem, or a radiator problem, or could be something really bad like a blown head gasket. If you have $1200 to spend…go and test drive a 2006 KIA RIO

2006 Kia Rio Review

You don’t have to put any money down….if you have fairly good credit, and you can get the monthly payments as low as $199 and you will NOT have to worry about maintenance for years! ANDDDDDD it’s a really good car, looks good, drives great, is cheap, greaaaaat gas mileage and the insurance will be cheaper than a Camaro.

I had to go test drive one for myself, but I tell ya…I really really liked it.


Austin Davis

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