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Buick Regal Engine Looses Power and Bog Downs at Higher RPM

Reader Question OK heres my brain buster. I have a 1993 Buick Regal. me and my wife have had it since 93. kept up with the tune up oil changes etc. etc.. well when I drive me car at roughly 3200 rpm the car losses power. almost like I took my foot of the gas peddle. and the peddle gets a little stiff about half way pressed down. i have had my gas lines checked.

Most of my vacuum lines are new, and the other were checked out and OK. my coil pack is putting out a good spark. I changed my o2 sensor and I changed my TPS. and I gave it a tune up a few months ago.

Also the exhaust is new from the CAT back. and in the summer i had my radiator flush and trans flush. now heres the brain buster. I have had a scanner on it and it is showing no codes at all. if you can at least point me in the right direction. I would be really great full. because the car has really been maintained from day one and I would hate to sell it. Thank you

Hey there Alex,

If the gas pedal is stiff all the time, I would take a look inside the throttle body and clean out any carbon or dirt that has accumulated in there. Make sure the metal vane inside the throttle body is not rubbing or touching anything. I once had to file down a burr that was on the vane and was rubbing against the throttle body causing a stiffness like you describe.

On the loss of power issue, have you manually checked the fuel pressure? I would start there, since lack of fuel pressure can sometimes go undetected by the computer thus not setting a trouble code. I would try to duplicate the problem while power braking the vehicle. Once you get the problem to happen have someone beat on the bottom of the fuel tank with a rubber hammer or their first and see if the engine RPM changes, if it does you might have a weak fuel pump.


Austin Davis

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