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Buick Park Avenue

I do not have a problem NOW.

A friend gave me a print-out of one of your responses to a question sent
to you by someone with a problem with their Park Avenue.

I only want to share this information with you so that maybe in the
future it might help you help someone else.

After spending a total of $16,000.00+ for maintenance on our new Park
Avenue over the past 12 years, I recently had a problem with the
electrical system.

The amp meter would show about 7 volts DISCHARGE. Took it to the dealer
where we bought the car NEW.

They installed a new alternator $400.00+. Had driven the car five blocks
after picking it up from the shop.


Turned around and took it right back. They installed ANOTHER new
alternator. Same problem. After keeping the car for three days, they
called me and informed me that they could not (would not) work on it any
more since it might involve more time and money than I would want to put
into it.

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. After spending a total of
over $50,000.00 (new car + maintenance) they now will not work on it

A local attorney told me that they have the right to refuse to work on

I called the Buick hot line and all the help they would give me was to
give me a name of a different Buick dealer twenty five miles away.

After having a set-down with the service manager and again being told
that they could not (would not) work on my car any more, I took it to a
local auto electrical repair company.

$42.00 and 32 minutes later (AFTER REPLACE A ‘TRICKLE’ WIRE) I was on
the road again and it has not had any problems since then. (over two
months ago now)

Just thought I would share this with you in case someone should write you
with a similar problem.

Thanks for the assistance you give people.



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