Buick Park Ave. Climate Control Air Conditioning Problem

Reader Question 2000 Buick Park Ave, 140,000 miles, auto climate control

– heats, cools just fine initially

– after awhile very little out any of the vents (but what does is warm or cold depending on heat or A/C required)

– fan can be head blowing air but it has stopped coming out the vents

– no floor, no dash and no defroster air blowing

– works same with heat or A/C

– turning temp up or manually turning fan up doesn’t work

– Ever hear anything like this happening?

– coolant level good

Hey there

That is very strange, no I have not heard of such a complaint…..until now. Are you SURE the blower motor is still working when this happens?

If the motor IS still spinning, the air has to be going somewhere. Run your hands under the dash, in the glove box, out under the hood up near the heater core area on the passenger side….there has to be a leak somewhere. I would guess that something is wrong with the auto climate feature.

There is an air divertor “blend door” and motor inside the dash. This door moves as you select air flow direction…ie. heater, defrost, vent etc. Something might have signaled the blend door motor to close, shutting off air flow…..but if the blower motor is in deed spinning, there should be air coming out somewhere.

These systems are pretty tricky to diagnose…I would take it to the dealer or a reputable repair shop and have them take a look. You really don’t want to remove the dash unless you know what you are doing.


Austin Davis

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  1. Julian Karpoff says:

    I have a similar problem to the person with the 2000 ParkAvenue. I think the problem is the system which activates the flaps which control the air flow. If all the flaps are shut then the fan can spin all it wants and no air will come out. Could this system, whether vacuum or electric, be overridden mechanically (by finger power), maybe through a minor access port cut into the side of the glove box? JK

    • Austin says:

      Yes, that is possible. We have used blocks of wood to stave closed the fresh air intake doors on a few vehicles where it was not cost effective to remove the dashboard. In effect, making it impossible to have any hot Houston humid air to enter the cab of the vehicle. Not sure what is accessible on your particular vehicle, but its probably possible.

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