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Buick Lesabre Dies While Driving – Check Engine Light is On

Reader Question I have a 1994 Buick LeSabre Custom whit 66K on it. I had been off the road for two years (although it was started weekly and driven bi-weekly) before I put it on the road in March 2006. While off the road, it had a difficulty starting periodically. My mechanic replaced the Mass airflow sensor and the security chip (that interrogates the chip on the key before turning on the fuel pump).

Since I have put it on the road, I have had difficulty with a sporadic Service Engine Soon light. Historic trouble codes pointed to Cams shaft sensor (replaced twice) and EGR (replaced twice) As a last resort, my mechanic replaced the fuels system security chip again. He has been very good & fair and has not charge when replacing parts for the second time.

The light still comes on periodically/intermittantly and his position now is to live with it. I would like my daughter to be able to take this car away with her to college, but am not comfortable doing so with the light still coming on.

Do you have any suggestions?


Ray in Chicago

Howdy Ray,

I think the best thing to do in this situation is to get another opinion from another mechanic. Taking it to the dealership for a proper diagnosis and then let your regular mechanic do the repair would be my recommendation.

The yellow check engine light does not mean “danger” but you should still get a proper diagnosis before you send your daughter off in it. I’ve had customers who have driven with their check engine light on for years with no ill effects!

Have you read my article about check engine lights?

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Austin Davis

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