Automatic Transmission Problems

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My Buick Century 2000 model, transmission jerks when taking off, clunks. also when driving slow acts like shifting gears. when hot after driving a while jerking gets severe and labors on inclines.

I have been told the torque converter is bad, also been told transmission is bad.


Hi there
You probably do have some kind of internal transmission damage…the torque converter is inside the transmission by the way. You won’t really know what the problem is until you pull out the transmission and tear it apart and overhaul it.

Before you do that, I would have a mechanic check your spark plugs and spark plug wires and make sure they are ok. If you have an “engine miss” due to a bad spark plug wire you could feel jerking and lack of power complaints similar to what you are describing.

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  1. bob says:

    I doubt that, the PC solenoid is very common for this problem in a 2000 century, they dont last long in this rig, replace it

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