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Brake Pads are New But Noisy – 1993 VW Passat

Reader Question Hello, my mechanic says there is nothing to do about v. noisy front brakes for my VW Passat 1993. He says it’s the age of the car… I don’t know how to accept that there is nothing to do since the noise started out low and became louder over the last couple of the point that it is cause for my concern. the brakes function physically excellently..

Is there anything you can suggest about this noise coming from the front as brakes are applied?



Hey there,

I would recommend you try Original VW brake pads and see what happens. In cases where brake noise is present after a brake job AND the installation was done correctly, I usually exchange the after market brake pads I sold the customer for manufacturer brake pads and the problem usually goes away.

Machining or “truing” the brake rotors to make them smooth is also an important step to a noise free brake job. Here is more about the subject

Brake Noise


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