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Brake Service

Reader Question Do you have a recommendation for brake service repair? I have not had good luck with the last two brake jobs I received on my car. I got this high pitched squeal noise when I stepped on the brakes….and I did not have that problem prior to the brake job.
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Hey there Dana

High pitched brake squeal noises are pretty common these days. The problem is, the U.S. government banned the use of asbestos in brake pad materials. Asbestos is a great friction material that lasts a long time and has very few squeal complaints….but its supposedly a health hazard.

What I can recommend is that the mechanic use either manufacturer brake pads you can buy at your local dealership OR try some of the after market brake pads that are specifically designed to reduce the chance of brake squeal.

Sometimes though, these specially designed after market brake pads cost MORE than the OEM pads you can buy at the dealership.

Now, if you drive a large truck or SUV, you probably won’t have an issue with brake noise as this tends to be a small vehicle or FWD vehicle complaint more so than the larger heavier vehicles.

Also, in addition to using dealership brake pads I would highly recommend that the brake rotors get refinished and all anti-rattle clips also get replaced when replacing the brake pads.

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