Brake Noise In My Car On Slow Stops

Hello Austin,

I have a 2009 Mazda 6 with 48,000 miles on it.It has not been in an accident nor has there been a defining moment of repair when I began hearing the brake noise. There is a distinctly loud ‘clunking’ noise in the front wheel upon changing directions and when applying the brake.

When I put it in reverse and apply the brake only the first time, there will be a clunking noise.  Any brake application after that is noise-less. Then when I put it in drive the noise will occur again, and only at the initial brake application.

I took this to my local Mazda dealer.  They were able to duplicate the clunking noise and found “that inboard pads on both front brakes have excessive movement within the caliper mounting bracket, and pad and guide plates will need replaced to repair noise”.

They performed a full circle inspection and stated both front and rear brake linings have “50% or more remaining”.

I asked them to repair the problem without replacing my brakes since there is obviously plenty of good brake lining left.  They replied they just replace the brakes to make the noise go away. My husband even went in to visit with them and he was given the same response.  They have heard this noise before and just replacing the brakes makes it go away.

This seems ridiculous to me so would really appreciate your thoughts, diagnosis, and what needs to be done so I can take my car somewhere else for repair.

Of course my warranty is good until 60,000 miles and is it true I must have a Mazda dealership make the repairs if I want this covered under warranty?

Thank you very much for your help!  I love your website.



Hello there Brenda

I have heard similar noises like you describe and replacing the brake pads and machining the brake rotors usually takes care of it. Basically this is a front brake job.

The brake pads have worn unevenly due to the warped front brake rotors and that is the main reason they need to be replaced. Any shop can do a front brake job and many will let you supply your own parts and it will NOT affect your warranty!

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Austin Davis

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