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BMW M Performance

BMW M Performance , that is the name of a new range of sports cars developed by BMW in partnership with its subsidiary M GmbH. We had heard of a possible BMW X6 M50d, which could be the first diesel-powered M. And is that BMW had already released a couple of teaser videos with a BMW X6 as a protagonist . And that is just one of the first models of BMW M Performance.

In the upcoming Geneva Motor Show which will begin in early March, the German brand will present a full range of models with both petrol and diesel engines, which will be located halfway between the rationality of the BMW standard and sportsmanship of the BMW M .

Will the BMW M Performance models derived from standard but with a twist by BMW M will introducemodifications in engines, aerodynamics, specific adjustments to the chassis and of course aesthetic changes . And it is logical considering that 2011 has been the best sales year in history for both BMW and M GmbH for its subsidiary.

So the best thing is to create new models developed between both models can incorporate even the all-wheel drive BMW xDrive . In the words of Dr Friedrich Nitschke, President of BMW M GmbH, “we are focusing our efforts on customers who demand higher performance and higher emotions, not to mention that our vehicles offer versatility for everyday use” .

Nitschke made ??it clear that however much the purists of BMW M cars it hurts to see its range diesel engines, there will be “a range that includes a variety of models with either gasoline or diesel fuel” .

I look forward to make up the range models BMW M Performance, characteristics and techniques that will have all the price compared to the models BMW and M . Perhaps this is the opportunity for many to actually say they have an M, not just put the letter on the back of the car.

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