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BMW 320i E-CB20 Japanese Model Transmission Problem?

Reader Question I have a BMW 320i E-CB20 Japanese model. Whenever the car is cold and I put it in drive, it will not move until the car gets to its normal working temperature. I have drained the transmission fluid, cleaned the filter and it still does the same thing.

Please help me as I am trying to get a repair kit or a transmission that could fit.

Please let me know.


Hi there,

I would suspect you have an internal problem in the transmission. I would visit 2 transmission repair shops AND 2 BMW dealerships to get written quotes and test drives from them.

You want to make darn sure they are capable of rebuilding a BMW transmission!! You might ask the dealership if they overhaul the transmissions themselves or if they send this type of work out…so dealerships do that.

The last resort would be to call a few junk yards and see if you can find a used transmission….if, you are prepared for that gamble.

Your local mechanic should be able to install it for you, and most junk yards offer an extended warranty option.

Austin Davis

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