Blue Smoke Out Tailpipe Of My Car – What Causes This?

blue exhaust smokeMy car has about 170,000 miles on it, and I recently changed oil and 5 days after I started noticing smoke from exhaust pipe tale at every start in the morning precisely after 20 seconds of turning the car on and seized when the car warms. The exhaust smoke is blue in color. What could be the cause of this. Please help.

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What causes blue exhaust smoke

Blue smoke is usually caused by engine oil leaking internally inside the engine and onto the spark plugs. Did you change the oil weight or type of oil you used by chance? Since you said this is a new problem and happened just after an oil change I want to make sure this was not a self induced problem, and you used the wrong type of engine oil.

If engine oil is getting on the spark plugs, it means there is wear and tear on the piston rings which allowed the oil to seep into the cylinder and get on the spark plug.

How to stop blue exhaust smoke

Using thicker WEIGHT engine oil might help slow down the leaking around the cylinders. I would also recommend trying an engine oil additive called Engine Restore, which is available at most auto parts stores in the US or online from

The PCV system should be checked as well, because the Positive Crankcase Ventilation system is how the engine breathes and if the PCV valve is not working properly it will place excess internal pressure inside the engine…and can/will blow out internal seals and orings, thus the source of your blue exhaust smoke.

Once you start seeing blue exhaust smoke, the damage is ALREADY done inside the engine and it will be very expensive to repair. Just to be totally blunt, at your mileage you should HIGHLY consider letting this vehicle go and buy yourself a 2 year old vehicle (a lease trade in at a dealer would be my recommendation) and cut your losses.

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  1. kevin says:

    I was told, I had a misfire in the no4 cylinder of a 1997 Dodge ram, and that I would have to get a new motor., is this possible?

    • Austin Davis says:

      Hummm, I am assuming the misfire is due to a weak cylinder with little to no compression??? They did a compression test on all cylinders, and one or more were very weak?

      if that is the case, I would suspect you have a valve problem and getting a valve job on the cylinder heads would be the place to start.

      before I did anything though I would get a second opinion starting the diagnosis from scratch.

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