Olds Cutlass A/C Blower Motor Not Working On All Speeds

Reader Question Hi Austin. My 1998 Olds Cutlass blower motor has 5 speed settings; 1 & 2 do not turn the blower motor on,but 3, 4 & 5 work fine. Is this a relay or resistor problem?

That is usually a blower resister problem…but I am not 100% sure your year model has one (it might be part of the control head itself). Call the dealer parts department and ask them, if it does have one you will have to buy it from them anyway…your local parts store will not carry it.

You can also ask the dealer parts department to give
you a print out of the location diagram of the part so you can replace it yourself.


Reader Follow up
Thanks so much for your advice; I replaced the blower motor resistor & now the blower works fine.

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