The A/C Blower Fan Buick Park Avenue Is Not Working

Reader Question My 1995 Buick Park Ave has slight cool air coming from the vents like a wisp of air. No air blows through the vent like it should on any adjustment for A/C or heater.

We replaced the fan motor still nothing. Could it be a fuse? Please advise we are fixing to go through a hot Texas summer with no air. Lord help us! LOL Thanks in advance for your help! Valerie

Hello Valerie

I would look to see if your year model has a fan blower relay, which I am pretty sure it does. Call your local Buick dealer and ask them…they will probably give you a diagram of the location if you buy it from them. The best way to test the relay is to replace it…it’s a cheap GUESS. If the relay is ok, you might have a bad control head, but I would get a mechanic to check it out before I guessed at an expensive item like that.

Are you sure the motor is not working? You might also want to check the other vents, heater and defrost to see if you have air blowing out the wrong vents.

Austin Davis

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