What Are The Best Spark Plugs

the best spark plugs

Hi there, I have a simple (I think) question for you. I want to change the spark plugs on my 2005 Ford F150 V8 gasoline engine this weekend. What is the best spark plug to use?



Hi Darnel,


Good question, thanks for asking. What I generally like to do is use the same spark plug manufacturer that came with the vehicle. So, in your case you have Ford truck, and Ford uses Motorcraft spark plugs, so I would use MotorCraft plugs in your truck…and in my Ford as well.

Are they “the best”¬† I don’t know I would go that far, but they are very good and they last long and they are Ford approved.

A/C Delco would be my recommendation for GM cars, and are standard on GM vehicles

Nippon would be my recommendation for Japanese cars, NGK is also a great plug for Asian vehicles

Bosh, Champion and Autolite  are good all around spark plugs as well, and are great in European vehicles

Here is a great step by step video for changing spark plugs which might come in handy this weekend.  Check it out.

Spark plug types

Now, what might be a better question is what KIND of spark plug should I be using?

There are basically 3 types of spark plugs.

1. Standard old copper core spark plugs which have been used for years. They typically last about 40,000 miles before they show signs of wear and need to be changed.

2. Platinum tipped spark plugs – they are more durable and last almost twice as long as the standard copper core plugs but they cost twice as much if not more. Many newer vehicles come standard with these plugs.

3. Double platinum spark plugs – where both wear sides of the spark plug are coated with platinum which is extremely durable and can last 100K miles if not more before any significant wear shows up. These are usually standard in higher priced vehicles and more sporty vehicles.

In my video below I talk about and show the different types of spark plugs, take a watch

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