Best Car Insurance Rate – 10 Money Saving Tips

Auto insurance costs are sure skyrocketing. However, these simple tips can help bring down auto insurance premiums substantially.

1. Refrain from using your personal car for business purposes. This causes increase in auto insurance premiums.

2. Drive your car for short distances. If you commute long distances, you pay higher premiums. Commuting short distances earns you short mileage discounts.

3. Be a safe driver to benefit from low auto insurance premiums. Maintain a clean driving record with no accidents or speeding tickets to benefit from lower auto insurance premiums.

4. Have a good credit report with no default payments or payments
overdue. Pay back your loans timely and regularly.

5. Shop around for auto insurance providers on the Internet and benefit through comparison of rates, coverage, premium costs, and similar more.

6. Buy low profile cars rather than hi-fi luxury cars and sports utility vehicles. Insurance providers envisage higher risk in high profile cars and therefore charge high rates of auto insurance.

7. Make your car safe by installing automatic seat belts, theft alarms, steering locks, air bags, and anti-brake locks. Park your car in a safe garage to benefit from lower auto insurance premiums.

8. Choose a high deductible to avail lower premiums.

9. Review coverage annually to benefit changing over to a different provider with better auto insurance rates.

10. Enroll for defensive driving classes to benefit from low auto insurance costs.

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