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My Car Has a New Battery But Something Keeps Draining The Battery Down

Reader Question I have a new battery in my car, but something keeps draining the battery down and I have to keep jump starting my car. What else could be wrong with my car besides the battery?

Thanks in advance, Kurt

Thanks for your question Kurt,

Kurt, if your new battery is going down “draining” and you have to continually jump start the battery to get the engine to start it is probably one of these problems:

• Alternator is not recharging the battery – alternator is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced
• There is a “drain” on the battery, like something is left on…..dome light, radio, trunk light, etc. OR there is some kind of electrical item that is sucking battery power that you are unaware is running…like, a radio amplifier, an electric seat motor, electric antenna motor etc.
• A wiring problem, the electricity the alternator IS generating is not getting back to the battery, a broken “ground” wire on the back of the alternator or a faulty battery cable or battery cable end or just a loose or dirty battery cable could be the problem.
• Fuse problem, depending on what kind of car this is, some vehicles have an alternator fuse, either under the dash inside the car with the rest of the fuses or under the hood in the larger fuse and relay panel on some newer cars.

Bottom line: To properly diagnose a charging system problem, you must check all components on the vehicle. Your mechanic can test the battery “load”, the alternator “output”, and check for a voltage “draw” or something draining the battery with the engine and key off.


Austin C. Davis

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  1. Shirley says:

    My mechanic was going to replace my heater core for $85.00 and I provide the parts and antifreeze. Alan treats ALL customers the same and he is one of the best mechanics in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I left my Jimmy at his garage and the next day his son called me almost at closing time on a Friday(they’re closed weekends) to say his father no longer worked at the Fort Worth location and he would charge his own price of $350.00. I am a disable senior citizen that had to change buses three times to get to the garage in a snow storm the first day and do it again the second day while using a cane for support. I returned to get my car because I had been quoted a price by the father plus I have not been satisified with the work of the son.

    I found out his dad never left the shop for good but worked in another location for a few days. He tells his son the repairs that need to made and the price is set. The son started to work on my car and came up with this lie when he didn’t want to replace the heater core. Every since that day my battery has drained. It has been replaced three times over a 14 month period. The son replaced a water pump and it still squeaks. I left my 1976 Camaro at the shop to have the horn fixed and he put in $6.00 dscount and threw away the orginal.
    I know his father would make this right, but I don’t trust his son around my car. I believe he crossed some wires in the dashboard. Help.

    • Austin says:

      Sounds like you need to talk to the father and get him to honor his original quote. $86 bucks was a cheap price but $350 is way too much for that job unless he did more work than was talked about. Sorry I can’t help
      More, these problems happen a lot unfortuneatly.

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