1985 NIssan Pickup – Battery Light is On – Could it be The Alternator?

Reader Question Dear Austin,

I stumbled upon your website and I really liked your explanations regarding car repairs. I imagine that you are bombarded with questions, so I hope that you will eventually come to mine and will be able to answer my inquiry about my truck.

I recently had my 1985 Z24 Nissan pickup engine replaced with practicality everything new/rebuilt put in it. I noticed that my battery light remains on (the light is very dim). The alternator is a rebuilt one, and purchased quite recently. The light does not appear when the engine is shut off. I’ve messed with the fuse box and that seemed to help temporarily, and I don’t see any kinked wires either. The battery is quite new too.

I just read about the voltage regulator and I am wondering if that could be the cause. Other than that I really don’t know what to think.



Hello Cheryl

Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I would suspect you have a faulty voltage regulator, which is probably inside the alternator.

Before you remove and condemn the alternator make sure of the battery cables are TIGHT and clean of corrosion.

If you can not return the alternator…or don’t want to try the following.

I also make my own set of wires from the battery to the alternator, just incase there is a wiring problem somewhere in the wire harness on the vehicle…which would not be out of the ordinary for a vehicle of your age.. You can call your local alternator rebuilder and ask them if they have or can make a set of wires to connect the alternator directly to the battery.

Austin Davis

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