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Basic Tips to Avoid a Car Accident

To avoid a car accident it is important to avoid distractions while driving, respect the signs and do not drive tired or after drinking alcohol.

Driving is one of the daily activities and that can sometimes endanger the life of the driver and other people because of human carelessness or mechanical failure in the car, so it is important to apply some basic tips to avoid a car accident.

Rest and do not drink alcohol

One of the most important tips to avoid a car accident is to avoid driving tired or sleepy. For long road trips, it is recommended that you stop every two hours or after driving 200 kilometers, and relax your body and clears the mind.

Also, avoid drinking alcohol, taking drugs or any medicines that cause drowsiness, since these substances alter the perception and blunted reflexes, making it more difficult to control the car in dangerous situations .

Avoid distractions

Distractions are one of the main reasons for crashes, so it is advisable to eliminate as much as actions like sending messages through the mobile phone. Avoid devices that require the driver to look off the road and keep car stereo sound at levels to hear outside noises.

It is also very dangerous to drive while eating as simultaneous actions requires the driver to lose concentration and get distracted by fractions of seconds looking away from the road.

Respect traffic signals and check the car

One of the best practices to avoid a car accident is to respect the traffic signals, driving within the speed limits and drive with caution in wet ground and rain. Thus, eliminating many hazards and are more likely to control the car in extreme situations.

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