Bars Stop Leak Review

bars stop leak reviewI am about to use a bottle of the Bars leak radiator additive in my car to repair my blown head gasket what do you think of that?

Bob T.


Hello Bob,

Thanks for your email.  First thing I would HIGHLY recommend you do is get a cooling system pressure test which can help you determine if you actually do have an internal coolant leak like from a blown head gasket. I get soooo many emails like this and you would be surprised that most of them do NOT have an internal leak….but an external leak that is hard to find and track down the source.

I see so many mechanics (usually shade tree ones, or wanna be mechanics) GUESS at a blown head gasket because they have not properly diagnosed an overheating problem and throw their hands up and say “it must be a head gasket leak, cuz I can’t find any other leaks”.

Not sure about you, but I don’t want to guess and assume there is a $1200 head gasket leak without doing the proper diagnosis first.

So, since you did not mention any symptoms of head gasket leaks, or the reason why you suspect you have an internal coolant leak I want you to watch this video about overheating first to see if you still agree with your diagnosis.


Then is you still think the diagnosis is correct watch this video about using a head gasket sealer called K&W Engine Block Sealer. It works great and is easy for you to do yourself as per my instructions on the video.

Bars leak works great on older metal radiator leaks but I have not had any luck with internal leaks like head gaskets with Bars.

Also the newer plastic and aluminum radiators most cars have these days does not seem to work with very well either.  I have had a few successes with Bars on plastic radiators but not very many.

I have also NOT had any luck with ANY sealer on a water pump leak.

If anyone reading this has used Bars leak for head gaskets or water pump leaks with success please chime in using the comment section below….we want to hear from you.

Please share this with your friends,

Austin Davis

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