Battery Terminal Corrosion

clean battery terminal connectionsHow are you doing. Hope your fine. I would simply like to thank you because visiting this site has helped me a lot. My car wasn’t starting so I got a friend who’s a mechanic to take a look.

He checked the battery and everything was fine, then he said the problem is with the starter. He said it will cost me $60 dollars for a starter and $100 dollars for the service.

For some reason those numbers just seemed too high so I went online. I read the excerpt on different reasons why a car won’t start and discovered the wire from the battery to the starter was in very bad shape and the starter wasn’t getting the current.

So I got another friend to change the wire and everything is fine now. So thanks for helping me save $160 which is 10x’s more for a college student.


Thank you

You are very welcome…I love it when I get emails like this!

A loose battery cable or battery terminal corrosion is a very common culprit for people needed to have their car towed into my shop. If people would start their “no start” diagnoses at the battery and cable connections FIRST they would save themselves a lot of time and money.

Have your oil change mechanic inspect and clean your battery terminals each time they do an oil change, sure would save you a lot of headache and frustration later on.

You can easily do it yourself too, watch this great video demonstration

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Austin Davis

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