My Mechanic Wanted to Replace My Starter Motor – but He Was Wrong!

Reader Email How are you doing. Hope your fine. I would simply like to thank you because visiting this site has helped me a lot. My car wasn’t starting so i got a friend who’s a mechanic to take a look. He checked the battery and everything was fine, then he said the problem is with the starter. He said it will cost me $60 dollars fof a starter and $100 dollars for the service.

For some reason those numbers just seemed too high so i went online. I read the excerpt on diferent reasons why a car won’t start and discovered the wire from the battery to the starter was in very bad shape and the starter wasn’t getting the current. So i got another friend to change the wire and everything is fine now. So thanks for helping me save $160 which is 10x’s more for a college student.
P.S. Make and model of the car is 1989 Toyota Corolla!

You are very welcome…I love it when I get emails like this!

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