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Transmission Overhaul Prices

Reader Question: My shop is telling me that my transmission is slipping and shifting from first, skipping second and third and going right to first.

How much do you believe this would cost to fix or is there alternatives to fix this problem without getting a new transmission?


Hi Heather,

I would need to know what kind of vehicle this is to give you some kind of estimate, but transmission overhaul prices vary widely from shop to shop let alone from state to state. I would call two dealerships and three independent transmission shops to get worse case scenario quotes.

If the transmission is slipping, and it is full of fluid…it most likely does need to be overhauled or some kind of serious internal repair needs to be made.

I do not do transmission work in my shop anymore, we send the customer to a local transmission shop we trust and have a good working relationship with. I would guess that most transmission overhauls range between $1,200-1,700 and some European vehicles could cost well over $2,000.

Depending on how old this vehicle is and how long you expect to keep it, you might also want to call a few junk yards in your area and get prices for used transmissions and then pay your regular mechanic to install it. Prices at junk yards are usually negotiable, and very widely from yard to yard.

Also, ask them how many miles are on the transmission and how long they have had it on the shelf. Some dealerships carry rebuilt transmissions in their parts department.

You can buy a factory-rebuilt transmission from them and pay your mechanic to install it and get a nationwide warranty with the car manufacturer, which can come in handy if you take out of town trips.

Here is an article about transmission shops, which might come in handy.

How to Select a Transmission Repair Shop

Austin Davis

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