Automatic Transmission Fraud Repair

Reader Question:Would your auto repair ebook that you are selling on your website have any useful information AFTER having fraudulent transmission work done?

Hello there, sorry to hear about your troubles

Would my ebook help you After the fact……..not really. I can offer some suggestions though.

Try to keep your emotions out of the negotiations and any dealings you have with them. Getting upset and angry usually just makes things worse. Be reasonable and rational, even if they are not. State your case, prove your points, offer a solution, be firm but understanding.

Auto mechanics are usually NOT good business people, and they usually are not noted for their customer relationships and communication skills.

They tend to get on the defensive VERY easily and they are quick to point blame and responsibility elsewhere. Customers who are soft spoken, willing to negotiate a little and offer solutions are usually the ones who get their problems resolved.

Small claims court, law suits, BBB complaints etc. etc. etc. only aggravate the situation, so don’t even mention them. If you have, go back and try to make amends.

Most mechanics are not crooks…..they are just not good business people. So, you have to help them out with sticky situations sometimes. You can do it. Ok………off my soap box now, sorry.


Austin Davis

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