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Auto Repair Scams – Common Mechanic Scams

Reader Response I was at your web site and noticed you had a book out on auto repair scams and rip offs? Did you ever hear of what I call the finger deal? I am not sure what it’s called but some garages still use the tactic today.

They use the tip of their pointing finger when putting your dip stick back into the engine which will give a quart low reading and they have an empty qt. to sell you? I have heard a lot of things over the years and seen some shows where a mechanic will hide shavings in a rag and crawl under your vehicle, pull off your rear end cover and low and behold your rear ends shot,see the shavings? I have read an article where a woman was charged for head light fluid? That is sad that people take advantage of others that way.

I even heard about people using a shellac spray on alternators? They would spray it into the alternator and when you went to drive off your light would come on,they check it out and your alternator needs to be replaced. They would clean up your old alternator and sell it back to you? It’s amazing the rip off’s out there. Tony

Thanks for your input Tony!
Austin Davis

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