Auto Upholstery Repair How Do I Fix a Cigerette Burn

Reader Question I see a lot of different repair kits on the market. Even as an artist, for me most of them look nearly impossible difficulty and way too brightly colored.

Is there a particular kit that I need to special order that is easiest to use?

Is there a particular repair method that I need to use that will effect a perfect repair?

The Saturn dealership is not far, would talking to them help at all?

Is there a way I could get a piece of Saturn Upholstery fabric and then cut and glue that into place?

I saw some rip and tear upholstery glue on the market, would something like that work with the fabric route?

Problem: I was borrowing my parents new used car to go camping, they have not had it for even a month yet and my boyfriend got a little sloppy with his cigarette and flicked some hot ash into the car.

I have 1 hole that is 1/4 inch or even slightly bigger than that but definitely not 1/2 inch that needs to be repaired. The auto upholstry is Saturn beige. I believe the upholstery is some sort of soft cotton blend.This hole is on the back seat of the car,and will likely be noticed soon.


D.S. NY State

Hey there DS

This is a good job for an auto upholstery shop. Look in your phone book, or call your local Saturn dealer and ask them who they use…most shops and dealerships will sub out this kind of work.

I am not sure exactly how they do the repair, but I do know that all the do it yourself kits…don’t work very well and it’s worth a few bucks more to let the pro’s do it the right way. I bet there are a few auto upholstery shops in your area…they are usually off the beaten trail hidden away from site.

Make your boyfriend ride in the trunk from now on…..hahah jj


Austin Davis

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  1. Bill says:

    I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs
    to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs.
    Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

  2. charodja says:

    I am an upholsterer. the only real cure for your problem is to get a matching fabric from the saturn dealer and have the piece sewn in place. this would usually cost less than 200 bucks but is well worth the expense. the home repair kits will only make the scar show worse than ever.

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