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Auto Repair Shop

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Hey Austin, I know you sold your auto repair shop a while back, but do you have a recommendation as to who would be a good alternative for me and my 1989 Honda Accord? I am on fixed income and live in Houston but don’t really have a dedicated auto repair shop I go to regularly.

Thanks for a great site,

Hey Rose,
Thanks for the kind words and your email. I would suggest the following for an auto repair shop recommendation in Houston or any major city for that matter.

For oil changes, brake work, tires and shocks

1. Sears
2. Pep Boys
3. Firestone

For more difficult problems like air conditioning, check engine lights or a “no start” condition I would recommend

1. Goodyear. I have hired a few really good mechanics from local Goodyear stores, and I think they do a pretty good job at hiring better than average mechanics.
2. The local Honda dealership

For exhaust system work like mufflers and catalytic converters I would recommend

1. Midas
2. Minnecke

I hope this helps somewhat in your search for a good auto repair shop. Try to build a relationship with your oil change shop and ask them who they recommend in your area to do things that might be over their level of expertise. Try and determine what their level of expertise is….and if you stay with the major oil change places like Jiffy Lube and Shell Lube oil changes, and other fluid services are about their maximum level.


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