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Reader Question Austin…I really like your website. Thanks for all the great info you provide.

I understand you are from the Houston area. I live in Humble.

I had an auto mechanic who did a great job for me every time I needed him. Unfortunately he moved back to West Texas after a few years in Houston. Now I am in need of a good mechanic again.

I’m not asking for an endorsement or a recommendation from you. My question is “Is there a shop that you trust in the Humble Kingwood area?”

My wife has a Toyota Sienna and it needs a quality tune-up.

Thanks again.


Hey there Blake,

Thanks for the email and the kind words. I do not, unfortunately have a recommendation for you. I really don’t know anyone in the area to recommend. My shop, which we just sold 4 months ago was in the Heights area since 1937.

Most of the other shops I am familiar with are in the downtown area of Houston. To be honest though, I would recommend the Toyota dealer. The dealerships go under extreme customer satisfaction reports that go directly to management at Toyota.

Most of dealerships I have worked with have been honest, and upfront with their customers. The price MIGHT be a little higher than at a mom and pop store, but if you get cheated (unknowingly) at the mom and pop store….did you really save money?

The Sienna is a great car, I would not expect there to be any major issues that would cost you an arm and a leg. One thing to maybe steer clear of is maintenance packages that the dealers put together.

You usually see them on the walls of the service department with bundles of services all put together…they sound great, but in actuality it is just a way to sell more services. Check this, inspect that, lube this, check and pull on that etc etc. etc not much in the way of “replace this” stay away from those sales pitches.

When in doubt, ask the service guy, what are you going to replace for that charge? If there is not much being replaced, you are paying them to inspect your vehicle for stuff that DOES need to be replaced…..then they charge you additionally for the replacement stuff.

Your last statement……”quality tune up” depending on the year of the vehicle a tune up is basically just spark plugs, air and fuel filter…that’s all there is to replace! And any shop can do that. A tune up really doesn’t “fix” anything like it used to either. An engine miss, or poor fuel economy is about all you are going to solve.

Austin C. Davis

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