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Auto Repair Industry

Service industries generally play an important role. Automobile service industries are increasing at a fast pace with respect to the economy.

The automobile service industry is on the move once again. Recent statistics show that the industry is increasing at the same rate as the economy. Many factors have contributed to this increase including the fact that the service industry is directly correlated to the automotive aftermarket industry which is nearing $150 Billion in 2006. Also, even though the number or repair shops in recent years have been declining, the number and frequency of repairs is on the rise. This is mostly contributed to the fact that the average life span of a car in 2005 jumped to 9 years as opposed to 6.5 in 1990. In addition, automobiles’ increasing electronics ensure that more malfunctions need to be assessed.

The industry has always had a problem connecting with its customers. Recent surveys in years past have shown that Repair Shops on average overcharge their customers by 20%. In addition, the industry is highly fragmented with four basic types of repair facilities: Independent repair shops, gas service stations, Dealer-owned facilities, and Chain Stores. Also, there are over 80,000 repair shops nationwide giving consumers a wide variety of options. Internet search engines show that over 700,000 people search for auto repair every month and have limited results.

Most repair shops have little to no internet presence. If they do, they lack the notoriety that most search engines require to register them on consumers’ search results pages. Therefore, the industry that is growing successfully isn’t even connecting with the fastest growing sector of their market: Internet Consumers. Well, there is a solution.

This is the end of generic phonebook listings and the launch of a unique website; This site bodes to be the future of online auto repair research. was developed by auto repair enthusiasts. Their site was inspired by their constant frustration in automobile repair as they moved to Boston, MA which was also when they left their local mechanic at home. The site offers a wide variety of services to consumers as well as auto repair professionals. Visitors are capable of finding, researching, and reviewing auto repair specialists in their area based on their location (Zip Code). They offer tips, links, and directions to shops. They also offer Auto Professionals the opportunity to use their site for free for 3 months to experience the benefits.

Their objective is to have customers’ review and post recommendations on their site. Also, they seek to provide auto repair specialists with an online presence that will generate their business as the World Wide Web becomes an increasing avenue of auto repair research. In July of 2006, there were over 700,000 internet searches for “Auto repair” research (Network Solutions). However, will be the first site directly related to those searches and the only one displaying customer reviews.

Finally, If the customers can benefit much from these sites, then automobile service industry can raise profits year by year. They can help the customers connect to them in a more efficient manner and find a solution. is based in Boston, MA and serves auto professionals nationwide. They encourage you to visit their site and post recommendations of your local mechanic as well as any comments you may have. Check out their premium packages that are so cheap its too good to be true.

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