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Auto Insurance Sacramento

Reader Question Do you have a favorite recommendation for auto insurance in Sacramento CA? I’m living on a fixed income and my car repair bills are eating me alive, figured I would take your advice and lower my auto insurance rates to help offset this expense since I can not afford a new car at the moment.

Hello Hillary

I know how tough it must be to live on a fixed income and see the majority of that income going towards car repairs, yuk! I could think of better things to spend my hard earned money on.

I would highly recommend you raise your deductible to $1,000 or higher to help save as much money as you can on your premium. If you only drive a short distance to work or your car sits more than it drives, I would ask about a limited use discount and a senior discount if you are over 55. Some insurance providers offer those discounts to their customers.

Comparison Market, the zip code form on this page, will shop and compare multiple insurance providers for you – for free with no obligation to buy anything.

Best of luck to you!

Austin Davis

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