Will My Auto Insurance Pay To Replace my Car Windshield

Reader Question Will insurance pay to replace a windshield that has become so pitted and cloudy that it is hard to see if you have complete glass coverage?

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Lets talk about auto insurance coverage for auto glass repair and windshield replacement. If you are with complete glass coverage they have to replace it but the thing that I am going to do is to throw a rock at it and be certain that there is a spider crack and that they will have to replace it.

This have to be done as the last step, tell them that a truck kicked up some rock on the highway and made damage to your windshield. This can be referred to as insurance fraud. You may or may not escape with it but this is still a fraud.

If you know this to your insurance company, it will get coverage dropped and make it difficult, or very expensive, to acquire a new insurance. I will not recommend to intentionally cracking the glass of your windshield.

This is referred as ‘wear and tear’ and is never covered by the insurance companies, or is actually referred as an accident or occurrence that is covered by the insurance companies.

You have to call and ask whether your policy covers that. And I do not consider that coverage will replace a windshield just because it is old. There have to be some claims related event. And keep in mind that there will be a deductible.

You have to ask the glass company whether they will waive or reduce that before scheduling a repair. You have to shop around if they are not going to work with you about reducing the deductible.

Most probably it is not broken, though it is a safety issue, but I have to check with my agent. There are some insurance companies that are more lenient than others.

Here is one insurance agent for a large company and our policies do not cover this because it is considered as wear and tear for a long period of time. You must have a crack in the window and even then the comprehensive deductible will apply.

You must not file a claim for something as minor as a window; pay out of your pocket will save a premium and record in the long run. Get a rate quote for awesome car insurance from the banner above, just enter your zip code to start the quote.

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