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Auto Insurance Houston

Reader Question Hey there Austin, you helped me a few months ago locate a part for my Honda Accord, now I need your help with auto insurance. I see you also live in Houston and I was wondering what auto insurance company you like best and would recommend for my young teenage daughter as a beginner driver.
Don, Houston

Hey There Don

Glad you asked, and thanks for your email…aways like to help where I can. I am not an insurance broker or agent, but I do encourage my readers to compare their auto insurance rates every two years.

What I have found to work best is use the Comparison Market shopping system where they match your criteria, your location and vehicle make and model and compare your rates with 5 other insurance companies.

Your daughter is probably eligible for a student discount, and maybe a limited use discount if she does not drive very often or very far.

Use the form on this page, enter your zip code and answer the questions the best you can.

Hope that helps!

Austin Davis

NJ Car Insurance

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