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Alldata Haynes and Chilton Auto Repair Manuals – Which is Best?

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Reader Question Hey Austin,

Reader Question :You mention Alldata a lot as your favorite auto repair manual, and you seem to give good reasons why you like it so much, but I was curious as to what the wiring diagrams looked like compared to the other repair manuals like Haynes or Chilton.

Good question. Alldata is what I consider the best auto repair manual for the non professional. Their wiring diagrams are just as good if not better than the other manuals, with one major bonus, you can access them online and print out the diagrams you want, highlight the circuits you are working on with a marker and tape them under the hood of your car for reference. If you have ever tried to follow a wiring diagram via a hard bound book flipping pages trying to follow that particular circuit….it ain’t easy.

Another bonus of Alldata, it’s cheap!

Austin Davis

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