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Adding a Vehicle in Car Insurance Policy

Reader’s Question:

Can I put a vehicle that is not in my name, in my car insurance policy?



Yes, you’ll be able to add a car to your vehicle insurance plan that isn’t titled in your own name with a few, if not all, car insurance firms.

State laws control car insurance so they really will have to let this kind of insurance policy in your state then it will be up to the person insurance provider’s guidelines after that should they let you insure a vehicle titled in another person’s name.

Usually you have to be the owner of the vehicle and also have insurable interest in the car to put auto insurance on a car. Having insurable interest in an automobile essentially means becoming an owner of the automobile, co-signer or lien holder.

The majority of car insurance firms won’t permit you to insure another person’s car, since you don’t have insurable interest meaning in the view of the insurance business you wouldn’t experience an financial loss if the car was damaged. Those that would undergo a financial loss (owners, lien holders and co-signers) are often the one individuals allowed to insure automobiles.

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