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A/C Blower Motor Only Works Sometimes

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I have a Buick Regal 2000, and the A/C blower was working, once in while stopped working for a few minutes,then restart by itself, lately was failing more often, while driving I played with the control speed knob and reastat and since last week stopped working I have played with the control know without success, I replaced the resistor and still the same..
Thank You for your response before hand..

Hi there Gennaro,

If you already replaced the resistor….which would be a great guess, I can only assume you have a problem with the blower motor itself. Rarely do the switches go bad…but I never say never. Sometimes you can bang on the lower portion of the dashboard on the passenger side up near where your feet would go to kick start a weak blower motor. If by banging on it makes it work, I would assume you need to replace the blower motor itself.

Austin Davis

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  1. Amy says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your website and all the information you give here.

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