Spark Plugs and Wire Failure On 96 Chevy Monte Carlo

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I have a 96 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34 with a 3.4l engine with 84,000 miles on it. i have had to replace the spark plugs and spark plug wires four times already and need to do it again and one of the time was a recall.

Do you have a idea what could be causing this problem. Also when it acts up and the repair shop would check the computer it has been different cylinder showing the problems so that should eliminate a bad cylinder. I have had different mechanics worked on the car.

thanks for your time

Hi There Rick,

I am not personally aware of any specific problem with spark plugs and spark plug wires on your vehicle. What I can tell you is spark plug wire failure usually is due to excess heat.

Make sure the spark plug wires are NOT resting or close to the exhaust manifolds and the heat will cause the outside rubber part of the spark plug wire to break down and cause a misfire. They make special spark plug wire spacers that will bolt onto the valve cover and keep the wires from touching the hot engine parts.

If you need to use these you can buy them at your Chevy dealership or you might find some universal ones at your local auto parts store.

I would also use a good spark plug wire brand like AC Delco and make sure you use the small packet of silicone grease they supply on the tips of the spark plugs to help prevent the spark plug boot from sticking to the end of the spark plug.

Austin Davis

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