Ford Ranger Fuel Gauge is Not Working Properly – How to Test?

Reader Question Hi Austin,
The fuel gauge in my 91 Ford Ranger does not register, is there an EZ way to check to see if the problem is the gauge or the sending unit.
Many thanks,

Hey Wylie

It’s not really easy to tell, you need to test for power and ground at the sending unit at the fuel tank, while someone is watching the fuel gauge inside the vehicle. 90% of the time (especially on Ford’s) it’s a faulty sending unit in the fuel tank, which is usually sold with the fuel pump…if not, I would replace the pump while I had the tank out anyway just as a precautionary measure.

This picture is not from a Ford Ranger, but you can still get the point of what it looks like inside your fuel tank. the “float’ is the part that of the sending unit that registers fuel level and sends that information to your fuel gauge in the dash.


Austin Davis

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